Royalty Pack

The "Playing" cards trace their roots back more than 1100 Years to 9 century China, they reached Europe around 1360.
The traditional English deck with the European faces is the international standard for most games like poker. We wanted to imagine a new diversity for the game a deck of cards with regal African Faces, Black Kings and Queens.
Produced in collaboration with Africology, Jamhuri Wear and visionary artist Maro Haile of Deseta Design we're excited to present The Royalty Pack “Ethiopian” Collection in a set of two faces “Cool” and “Warm” beautifully printed on playing cards accompanied by a set of Men's and Ladies T-shirts that can be ordered bundled together.
Inspired by vintage Ethiopian Airlines playing cards, the Royalty pack casino quality playing cards printed on trademark quality thin linen paper combine a retro style with a modern stock and finish preferred by cardists and housed inside a premium durable transparent jewel casing showcasing the superb artwork even while in storage.
Each deck feature 52 cards and 2 informational cards of original artwork combined with ancient Amharic text.
Be sure to combine your order with the Royal Pack limited deck of cards. The decks of cards also make great gifts for the holiday season.