Royalty Pack:

Celebrating African History

The Royalty Pack, a collaboration between Africology and Jamhuri Wear, is a remarkable celebration of African history and heritage.


This unique package includes a graphic t-shirt line and a deck of cards, each meticulously designed to honor and showcase the rich tapestry of African cultures and civilizations.

The Royalty Pack draws inspiration from the vast and diverse history of the African continent. It pays homage to the enduring legacies of African monarchies and empires, spanning 3000 plus years of history. From the illustrious Ethiopian monarchy to the influential Mali Empire, these civilizations have played pivotal roles in shaping not only Africa but also the course of world history.

The heart of the Royalty Pack lies in its artwork, each piece carefully crafted from scratch by talented artists deeply rooted in their respective regions and cultures.


Renowned Ethiopian-born and Brooklyn-resident artist, Maro Haile of Deseta Design, has collaborated with Africology and Jamhuri Wear to create a breathtaking design representing the Abyssinian Empire. Maro's creative vision, combined with the guidance and expertise of Africology and Jamhuri Wear, has resulted in a design that captures the essence and grandeur of Abyssinian history.

The Royalty Pack is not just a clothing and card set; it's a commitment to promoting African heritage and culture, one deck of cards at a time. While Ethiopia takes the spotlight in the first round, the overarching goal is to continue this journey, designing and commissioning authentic art bi-yearly, each time featuring a different facet of African history.

Africology and Jamhuri Wear recognize the importance of authenticity in their designs. To achieve this, they have chosen to collaborate with local artists who possess an intimate understanding of their region's history, art, and customs. By commissioning these artists, the brands ensure that every design is a true representation of the culture it celebrates.

The Royalty Pack is more than just a clothing item and a deck of cards; it's a tribute to Africa's past, a celebration of its present, and a promise for its future. With each new design, this collaboration aims to showcase the richness and diversity of Africa's history, heritage, and artistry, inviting the world to appreciate the grandeur of the continent and the brilliance of its people, one exquisite creation at a time.