Africology Records

Africology Records was founded in the late 2000s by Sirak Getachew and Kalab Berhane, two Brooklyn / NYC based Ethiopians with a passion for African music. From humble beginnings in their Dumbo studio, Africology has grown into a renowned media company that has been making waves in the music industry for over a decade.

With a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of African music, Africology has focused on reissuing vintage African music catalogues from all corners of the continent. Their dedication to quality and authenticity has led to the discovery and distribution of rare and obscure recordings that had previously been lost or forgotten. The label's reissued works have been celebrated for their historical significance and for providing a window into the past, helping to preserve the cultural heritage of Africa for future generations.

In addition to its focus on vintage music, Africology has also been a trailblazer in contemporary African music, working with emerging and established artists to produce unique and original albums that blend traditional sounds with modern influences. The label's signature sound is a fusion of African rhythms and melodies with contemporary beats and electronic instrumentation.

Africology's commitment to creativity is also evident in their album covers and clothing designs, which are always unique and eye-catching. The label's art direction draws on African motifs and patterns, using bold colors and graphic design to create visually stunning products.

With a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about African music and culture, Africology is committed to promoting and supporting the best that the continent has to offer. From music production to distribution and marketing, the label provides a range of services that help to showcase the diversity and richness of African music to a global audience.

Africology Records has firmly established itself as a leader in the African music industry, and its impact is felt across the globe. With a deep love for the music and cultures of Africa, Sirak and Kalab have built a label that is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and creativity. The future looks bright for Africology, and we can't wait to see what new sounds and designs they will bring to the world.